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We offer affordable trailer rentals designed for those moments when you need to move a few large items but don't need a full moving crew. We've got you covered with a simple daily rate and can accommodate any schedule.


  • 8.5' Wide and Length: 24'3"

  • Interior Height: 78"

  • Spring Axles and EZ-Lube Hubs

  • Safety Chains

  • Aluminum Framed Door & Ramp Door

Trailer Rental


  • Do you protect my furniture when you move it?
    Yes! We carry a variety of protective equipment like padded blankets and ratchet straps to ensure your furniture and belongings are safe during transport. We also shrink-wrap couches and cabinets for transportation or storage.
  • Do you move in the snow or rain?
    Yes, we will move in various weather conditions, but reserve the right to rebook if it's extreme and deemed dangerous (i.e snowstorm). If it's raining or snowing, we will take extra precaution by covering items as they are moved in and out of the truck. We will also wipe items down if they get wet.
  • Will you protect my hardwood floor, carpet, etc while moving?
    We will protect all your floors at no extra cost using surface shields. Your new home and old home is safe with us.
  • What happens if all my items don't fit in the truck?
    We quote every job individually and in doing so visit your home on-site to estimate the amount of room we will need. In the event that it doesn't all fit, we have an overflow truck we can use.
  • Do you provide fixed rates?
    We do offer fixed/flat rates for long haul and short moves, however most of our local move jobs are quoted based on total hours. We charge a 'Dock to Dock' rate, meaning from the time we leave to the time we get back. Please get in touch so we can customize your moving quote.
  • Can you move plants?
    We can, although we do highly encourage you to move those ahead of time to ensure they don't get damaged.
  • Are there any items you can't move?
    There are a few items that are tricky or unsafe for us to move. Please call us ahead of time if you require assistance with any of the following: Pets Grand pianos / baby grand pianos Safes Extremely high value items like jewelry and paintings Ammunition and fire arms Appliances connected to, or items containing, gas
  • Do I need to empty my dressers?
    Yes, please empty your dressers. This makes it easier for us to move and to ensure that everything will stay safe during transport.
  • Do you disassemble / reassemble furniture?
    Yes we can, however please make note of any furniture you may need assistance disassembling during our on-site quote so we can ensure to provide an accurate estimate. Note: we do not assemble cribs due to the specific nature and safety regulations surrounding them. We can take them apart for you, though!
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